Meet USS Harry S. Truman's newest Commanding Officer

Captain Gavin Duff.JPG
Posted at 12:59 PM, Aug 29, 2021

NORFOLK, Va. - There's new leadership aboard the USS Harry S. Truman as Captain Gavin Duff recently began his tour as Commanding Officer.

"[It's] absolutely humbling to be able to have this opportunity to serve on one of these great warships with the 3,200 sailors that make her come to life," said Duff.

The change of command ceremony is a Navy tradition that stands the test of time. On Friday family, friends and sailors filled the hangar bay of the warship as Captain Gavin Duff relieved Captain Kavon Hakimzadeh.

"The things that are primary on the focus on my mind are ensuring that we continue to develop sailors, continue to train and ensure that we're ready to answer the nation's call," said Duff.

Captain Duff takes command as the Truman sees new life. The warship recently spent 10 months at Norfolk Naval Shipyard undergoing what the Navy calls a "record-breaking" quantity of maintenance work and multiple equipment testing evolutions.

Duff said, "the ship has done a remarkable job in that transition from the shipyard. From a very industrial environment looking to rebuild the ship, rebuild, repair and re-modernize where the ship needs it and then transitioning back to more of a preventative and corrective maintenance mindset."

He's bringing a mindset to be ready whenever the nation calls.

"The next step forward is we will continue training in more integrated and complex operations with the totality of that strike group," he said. "I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to serve alongside these young sailors."