Newport News mother claims daughter is being bullied, bruised at school

6-year-old hurt at school
6-year-old hurt at school
6-year-old hurt at school
Posted at 3:17 PM, Nov 10, 2021

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - A mother in Newport News claims her daughter is being bullied and bruised at school. After months of frustration, she reached out to News 3 to get some answers.

Angeline Kpollie says she's "terrified" of sending 6-year-old Sarah, a Katherine Johnson Elementary School student, to school every day, saying kids have hit her daughter on her arms, legs, face and ribs.

Sarah tells News 3 that she will tell the bullies who target her to "stop being mean."

According to Kpollie, this has been happening since September.

"Every time she comes home, I always make sure I go to the school and talk to the principal. It's been going on for about three months now," Kpollie said. "The bruises got bad to the point I had to keep her home for her to recover in order for her to go to school the next day."

The mother also says she reached out to law enforcement to see if that would produce results.

"I called the police; they advised me to call. One of the officers told me to report it to him and also asked me to call the school board," Kpollie said.

Kpollie says soon she will have to consider removing her child from the school.

"If this continues to happen, I have to pull her out. I will homeschool her. I don't mind staying home and homeschooling her if that's what it takes for me to protect her" Kpollie said.

Newport News Public Schools released a statement in regards to this incident:

Newport News Public Schools strives to ensure that every student has a safe and supportive learning environment. The school division has established clear expectations for behavior and a robust youth development program that encourages and builds positive student relationships.

Maintaining open communication and collaborating with families is an integral part of this process. The principal of Katherine G. Johnson Elementary School and the Executive Director of Elementary School Leadership have met with the student’s parent to work together to identify and implement potential solutions including changing the student’s class. The wellbeing of our students is the top priority. Our administrators will continue to work with the parent to support the student and ensure their success.

Below are some resources to help with bullying:

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