Now is the time to spend money on needs, not wants, retail expert says

Posted at 5:39 AM, Apr 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-15 15:48:02-04

Now more than ever saving money on what you buy is important.

That's why experts say when spending your cash, focus more on what you need than what you want.

It doesn't necessarily have to be food. It can be items for your home office or ways to entertain kids stuck at home due to the pandemic.

News 3 spoke with RetailMeNot retail expert Sara Skirboll about deals that are available right now:

Home Office Supplies

  • Office Depot - Up to 25 percent off
  • Staples - $15 off purchases of $60 or more


  • Gamestop - Up to 50 percent off games
  • Target - Up to 50 percent off toys
  • - Up to 75 percent off courses
  • Netflix - First month free streaming
  • Hulu - First month free streaming


  • Petco - 35 percent off pet meds, 35 percent off repeat delivery orders for new customers

Skirboll suggests, when shopping, to look for deals, coupons and cashback. And give yourself some time before checking out with what's in your cart online.

"Wait 24 hours before you purchase anything. Press pause before you hit purchase," she said. "This is gonna really give you time to think, 'Do I need this? Do I need this right now? Can I wait to buy it?' Those are always really important strategies."

Skirboll also suggests not buying anything you aren't going to use in the immediate future.

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