Scooter sales soar as gas prices continue to climb

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Posted at 2:48 PM, Mar 10, 2022
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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - During the pandemic, sales at Fusion Cycles in Virginia Beach skyrocketed as families purchased dirt bikes, go-karts and ATVs to get outside.

Now, sales are spiking again - this time with scooters as gas prices soar.

"We provide fun, freedom and independence," said Scott Troiani, owner of Fusion Cycles.

All of that while barely sipping on some fuel.

"You get 100 miles per gallon. Most of these hold a little over a gallon of gas," he said.

That means it will cost you just over $4 to fill up.

"The entry-level scooters start at $1,499," he said.

Far cheaper than a new car, which is what brought Peter Somsouthi in to take one for a spin.

"My truck right now is getting 12 miles per gallon, and it cost me over $70 to fill up," Somsouthi said."Between gas and affordability, this is the best option."

He chose an electric model, taking the costly gas completely out of the equation.

"You charge it for two hours, and you are gonna go 40 miles on that charge," Troiani said. "For the last 60 days, we haven't been able to keep them in stock."

Troiani says sales have tripled at Fusion Cycles over the past year.

"We have people coming in commenting how much it costs to fill up our gas tanks," Troiani said. "My inbox is full every day from inquiries about what gas mileage our vehicles get and do we have them in stock."

You don't need a license, insurance or an inspection. Just register, toss on a helmet and you're good to go. Just don't ride on the highways — the scooters go about 35 mph on city streets.

"It is an opportunity to save a little money, I called it smiles per gallon," Troiani said.

For a list of rules and regulations with scooters and mopeds, click here.

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