Seeing family for Christmas? Here's some advice from a local urgent care doctor on keeping your visit safe

Posted at 8:02 AM, Dec 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-24 08:27:54-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Dr. Kevin Chou didn't have much time to talk during our interview.

The urgent care physician says he's been slammed lately with more and more people coming in to get tested for COVID-19. These days, a lot more of those tests are coming back positive.

"They seem to always get it when their guard is down, when they're with family, when they're hanging out with friends," he said. "They don't social distance, they don't wear their masks and that's probably the biggest problem."

Dr. Chou works at NowCare Urgent Care Center, a Bayview Physicians Group practice.

He tells News 3 he's concerned about what's going to happen assuming people will gather with family outside their immediate household over Christmas, despite CDC recommendations to stay home.

"The safest thing to do is social distance and to quarantine for ten days prior to getting together. That's not always possible," he said. "It seems strange to do this with your own family but the best thing to do is probably just wear your mask when you're with them and take it off when you eat."

Speaking of eating, there are ways to keep it safe too, like having just one person prepare and serve food. From there, he says any leftovers taken home should be safe to it.

"Any of the hot foods that you can reheat again is probably going to be safe. Any of the room temperature or cold foods, that's going to be as safe as the people who prepared the food," Dr. Chou suggests. "Just have one person scoop everything, one person put in the containers and put out for people to take home."

The CDC has more safety measures you and your family can take HERE.