Some Suffolk residents haven't received mail in several days

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Posted at 9:53 PM, May 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-09 23:30:05-04

SUFFOLK, Va - People in one Suffolk neighborhood say they are not getting their mail and they are fed up.

“It started Tuesday and really magnified Thursday afternoon. This is really starting to be crazy,” Ed Harrigan said, an Olde Mill Creek resident.

Ed Harrigan and his wife, Elizabeth say it all started Tuesday when they noticed their mail wasn’t being delivered.

“We started making phone calls throughout the neighborhood saying we haven’t gotten any mail since Tuesday and I said did you get any mail. They said no.”

Some residents say it's been over three days since mail has been delivered and say recently mail has been delivered sporadically.

“I’m old fashioned. I get my bills by mail. I got bills after the due date and it happened in March and they started dinging me for late payments,” David City said, an Olde Mill Creek resident.

“Friday morning, I went to the post office and asked to speak to the post master. Don’t understand why and the post office wouldn’t give me an explanation at all. I asked them to let me pick up my mail. They said nope, it’s on the truck, it will be delivered. I said I’m here to pick it up. I said you’re not going to deliver it so I’m here to pick it up,” Harrigan said.

The USPS communications department released the following statement:
New carriers are temporarily servicing this route. They are delivering all available mail daily, but are making deliveries later in the evening as they learn the route. We appreciate customers’ patience and understanding and thank all of our employees who continue to deliver for our customers during the pandemic.

“She drives through here. Like I said, I work in the dining room so I hear and see her drive by everyday so it’s not like she’s not driving. It’s just no mail being delivered. Up until the end of last year, mail was coming routinely, everyday but now it’s not,” City said.

Ed and Elizabeth say this isn’t the only problem they’ve had recently and that there have been several times that their outgoing mail hasn’t reached its destination.

“Any outgoing mail now, or anything with money like checks or a bill, I go to the post office and mail it right from the post office and mail it inside. I won’t mail it from here anymore.”