Three days before Election Day, Vice Pres. Pence makes campaign stop in Elizabeth City

Posted at 5:26 PM, Oct 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-31 22:37:57-04

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. -- A large crowd of supporters gathered at the Elizabeth City Regional Airport to welcome Vice President Mike Pence to the region. Air Force 2 landed just before 1:30 p.m., making its way to the tarmac where the stage, seats and supporters all stood.

Some time passed before Pence walked down the steps from the plane and ran up to the stage, waving at his supporters. He said, “Hello, North Carolina,” before explaining why he and President Donald Trump should have four more years in the White House.

“In three short years, we rebuilt our military, we revived our economy, we secured our border, support,” the Vice President said, “law enforcement, and stood for life, liberty and the Constitution of the United States."

He touted tax cuts and the recent 33% increase in the national GDP. He also spoke personally of North Carolina.

"Businesses created seven million good-paying jobs, including 250,000 jobs right here in the Tar Heel State,” Pence said. “You know, I really feel at home when I'm in North Carolina. It reminds me a lot of Indiana."

Perhaps the largest revelation, the Vice President praised, was a special-forces raid in Nigeria that freed an American hostage Friday night.

"That American is safe, and no military personnel were injured,” Pence said.

Supporters shouted a familiar chant: “Four more years!” For some like Janice Winslow, it is their first rally. For others, like Donald Ferrell, it is a repeat rally.

"Hearing the truth and being able to see our President in person,” Winslow said, “who we appreciate and respect very much."

"I went to a Trump rally last Thursday in Greenville,” Ferrell said. “I'm just a Trump man."

Wrapping up, Pence's message was clear -- get out and vote. He waved his supporters farewell and boarded Air Force 2 before takeoff.

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