Virginia Beach home cleaning service offers summer cleaning hacks

home clean hacks.jpg
Posted at 8:34 AM, Jul 28, 2021

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - With so many people going back to the office, housecleaning may have fallen away a little bit and in the summer months that can lead to smells and stains you don't want to keep around.

Home Clean Heroes spoke with News 3 about some easy summer cleaning hacks that can get the house fresh again.

● When the weather gets hot, cold drinks are the way to go, but cups can leave water stains on wood furniture. To remove them, lay a towel on the ring and put a hot iron on top of the towel for a few seconds. The condensation should pull out the stain.

● Too many summer snacks in the microwave can lead to smells you want to get rid of. To help, slice a lemon in half and put it into a bowl with water. Heat this in the microwave for 3 minutes on high and you will be left with a lemony smell. If you let the water and lemon sit in the microwave for another 3 minutes, any spills or stains in the microwave should easily wipe up.

● Get a doormat at all home entrances (both inside and out) to reduce the number of times the floors have to be cleaned.

● When it is hot outside, ceiling fans find their inside. To clean the dust off the ceiling fan blades, use a pillowcase around the blades and wipe off the dust so it falls inside the pillowcase. Clean up is easy too...Just throw the pillowcase into the wash.