We're Open: Virginia Beach DIY workshop says it's in danger of closing

Hammer & Stain Virginia Beach
Posted at 7:11 AM, Feb 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-04 07:50:57-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Hitting the one year mark for any new business is normally a cause for celebration.

But Cathy Hostman and her husband, Tim, are too busy to celebrate hitting that milestone this week. They're trying to figure out how to keep their doors open.

"Probably within the next two months is what it's looking like," said Cathy Hostman, when asked how much longer they can survive.

The Hostmans opened Hammer & Stain DIY Workshop at Timberlake Shopping Center on Holland Road last year, excited to help people create.

"You can come in and pick a project. We provide all the material for you. You get the piece of wood, you get the stencil, we have paints and stains to choose from and I'm here to help you make it the best you can," said Hostman, who grew up in Virginia Beach.

Within weeks of opening, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Hammer & Stain had to shut its doors temporarily.

When News 3 visited in June of last year, the shop had reopened, but was struggling to find footing. Hostman says summer brought a little more foot traffic, but once COVID-19 numbers started rising again in the fall, it largely stopped.

Because she's the owner and only employee, Hostman says Hammer & Stain wasn't able to get Payment Protection or any other stimulus money that other businesses received from the government.

"Probably around October is when it was like 'okay, things really need to pick up,'" she said Wednesday.

Now, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, Hostman is jumping at the opportunity to bring people in, who are looking to give loved one's something handmade.

"Sunday (February 14) is Valentine's Day and we're having a couple's workshop, where you can come in with your significant other and you can create one of our couple's signs or any project you want to work on," she said, of the 6 p.m. event.

It's not only an opportunity for Hostman to save her business, it's a chance for her to do what she loves -- Help others create.

"It's fun," she said. "It's good being able to help them create something that they walk in saying 'Oh, I can't do this' and knowing they can."

Until then, Hostman hopes those who have already stopped in and had a good time will share their experience.

"We've had so many people that are repeat customers that have come back and are very supportive. We just want to say thank you to everybody that has come in and supported us thus far," she said. "Just spread the word, share, tell people how much fun you had."

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