'What are going to do without hot water'; Neighbors impacted by explosion in Franklin

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Posted at 10:28 PM, Apr 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-18 10:08:22-04

FRANKLIN, Va.— We have new details as we continue to follow the explosion in Franklin that left two people with serious injuries. Families who live where this happened said they're now being impacted by the aftermath.

A propane explosion left physical and emotional damage to neighbors living nearby. Some said the aftermath is raising many concerns.

A neighbor said, "It's scary for our kids. We don't have any hot water, they didn't tell us they were going to turn the hot water off."

The entire duplex on Campbell avenue is without hot water, because of a propane explosion that shook the neighborhood Friday night. These residents rely on propane to heat their homes.

"They didn't even tell us that they were going to turn it off, so I know they're not going to tell us when they're going to turn it back on."

But just right across the street, families are dealing with the same situation.

"What are we going to do without hot water. I mean a lot of people don't like taking cold showers and things of that nature, that have kids. What are we going to do?" said Shanae hicks.

According to the city manager, the State Cooperate Commission oversees the propane in Franklin.

City officials said as of now one has come out to the neighborhood to check on the issue. This is prompting neighbors to constantly check on their propane because of the explosion.

"They don't even leave it on now, and I don't even blame them, I'll cut it off too. Hell if I could move it out of my house I would," said Hicks.

While we don't know the exact cause of the explosion, Hicks said this is a wake up call for the housing authority and property manager to come into the neighborhood and check on the tenants.

"It shook Franklin and now it's confusing. People are scared and half of the people won't even go to sleep at night were scared" said Hicks.

As of Monday morning, debris that could be seen around the area of the explosion was starting to be picked up by crews.

News 3 was in contact with Franklin City Manager throughout the weekend. Officials said they're still trying to find the exact cause of the explosion and the fire chief along with the State Cooperation Commission are expected to be out there Monday to figure everything out and to provide updates.