What happens to your money when you buy local

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Posted at 5:27 AM, Dec 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-31 07:05:03-05

NORFOLK, Va. - When you walk into Just Cupcakes in Norfolk you'll be greeted with a welcome almost as warm as the oven baking the desserts.

Stefanie Boebinger, the shop's owner and head baker, said she values treating customers and employees like family. It's a personal touch that helps her businesses and others alike.

"I take the money that they have now spent here and I purchase other things that are local," said Boebinger. "We use Town Center Cold Pressed coffee and we shop a lot of wine and cake and the Banana Produce to get a lot of our produce."

According to the American Independent Business Alliance, "independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales than chain competitors." In simpler terms, that means the money spent locally, boosts the local economy.

ISLR reports that "every $100 spent locally generates $45 of secondary local spending compared to $14 for big box chains."

"I'm taking our money now and I'm going to other local businesses and spending the money there and they can turn around and do the exact same thing," said Boebinger.

This February, Boebinger will celebrate two years as owner of Just Cupcakes, navigating the ups and downs of a pandemic.

"It went from having people come in and purchase to having to do deliveries and curbside and stuff like that," she said. "Since COVID started we have absolutely seen a huge uptick in people wanting, and making a point to buy local. We've created a family here. That's my favorite thing."

If you want to support Hampton Roads, you can check out the Retail Alliance's LOVEVA app. It's a locally developed free app that lists 375 businesses in our area.

Every time you shop, you earn a heart. When you earn five hearts, you can redeem a reward at any listed business.