York County officials add two additional host schools for Grafton after fire

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Posted at 4:21 PM, Feb 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-25 23:19:03-05

YORK Co., Va. - Students have not been able to return to Grafton High School and Grafton Middle School after a fire happened earlier in February.

On Tuesday school officials released updated information for Grafton Middle and High and for host schools. They said it was essential to get students back in school as quickly as possible but they have been listening to community feedback.

Now, York High School will go back to normal schedules in April, Tabb High School will go to three days a week while hosting Grafton High School for the rest of the school year. One student said he is not looking forward to the change.

"I’m not very excited about it because, we only get three days to talk to our teachers, we get a lot of homework," Carlos Bottros, a Tabb High School student said. "There’s nothing that the school board can do about it, it’s not the right path, but it’s the only option I guess."

Tabb High School and Yorktown Middle School students will have classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, where Grafton students will keep their Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday schedules. Grafton students will also have class days during spring break and for a week after graduation.

Tabb Middle School goes back to normal schedules in April, Yorktown Middle goes to three days a week while hosting Grafton Middle for the rest of the school year. Bottros added he saw the impact alternate-day schedule can have on students because his cousin attends Tabb Middle School.

"He’s had a bunch of trouble doing homework and couldn’t communicate with the teacher," Bottros said, but added he felt, "sorry about them, they have they to go Saturday, to school and it’s not very fun."

Grafton Middle and High have an added week of school at the end of the year due to missed days.

York County Schools said, "As with our prior model, we recognize that this revised solution will not be ideal for all families, but it continues to meet the needs of our students with the resources available.
Division and school staff remain committed to supporting our students and families through this ongoing situation. We have scheduled another public forum for our families, which will take place at 6 p.m., Thursday, February 27, at Tabb High School. Staff will also continue to address questions sent to by posting information on the Frequently Asked Questions page on the division website."

Adjusted school calendars: