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Norfolk mom's solution to child's skin condition turns into big business

All-natural cosmetics store celebrates grand opening
Glow Honey beauty bar at Shark City Naturals
Posted at 10:16 AM, Apr 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-30 18:27:57-04

NORFOLK, Va. - With a snip of the scissors and a cheer from the crowd, a Norfolk family's dream just came to life. Jamie Skinner just cut the ribbon to her new store, Shark City Naturals, an all-natural cosmetics shop on W. 21st Street.

"We live and shop in this community, so we are just blessed to be able to open our store here," Skinner told News 3 anchor Blaine Stewart.

Jamie and her husband Danell's shop is a family business in more ways than one.

"We have eight children :four boys, four girls," Danell Skinner said.

At home, the kids help Mom and Dad with some of the mixing and packaging of creams and tonics. And on opening day, bagging orders for a slew of shoppers. They're part of why this place works. And why it exists at all.

Years ago, doctors prescribed steroid treatment for her children's skin conditions. This mama shark didn't like the sound of that. So, she went to work.

"We wanted to be as natural as possible. So, I just went in the kitchen, and I created something that worked wonders for myself and my family," Skinner recalled.

The business bloomed from there. The Skinners created something to help their family. In the process, birthing a business they hope will one day help others.

"If you want to be in business, I think that's the only way to stay in business. Educate those behind you so they can do the same things you're doing. I really just want to help somebody build their brand. That's my main thing I want to do. There was no one around, really, when I did that. I want to be able to help someone to do that."

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