The New Normal: Hear from viewers on how life has changed in our virtual town hall meeting

Posted at 5:55 PM, Apr 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-24 18:04:43-04

The New Normal

As part of News 3's coverage of The Rebound, we are committed to giving you a voice through a series of virtual town hall meetings we're calling "The New Normal."

Anchor Blaine Stewart listened as four News 3 viewers shared how their lives have changed since coronavirus spread around the world.

Helping Children Cope

Brittany Brown Marsh of Chesapeake, Bob Matthews of Norfolk, Sandra Parker and Lisa Davenport, both of Virginia Beach, are all parents. They reveal the different ways their children, from preschool to college aged, are dealing with the new normal.

The New Normal: Helping Children Cope

When Reality Sets In

The daily chores of work and raising a family tend to preoccupy most of the day, our town hall participants say, but there are times when the reality of our current situation sets in, and it can overwhelming.

The New Normal: When pandemic reality sets in

Finding a Support System

Virginia's stay-at-home order runs through June 10, meaning many have not left their homes in quite some time. Here, we talk about that isolation, and the importance of being part of a support system.

The New Normal: Finding a Support System

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