Olympic hurdler, Chesapeake product Byron Robinson launches non-profit

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Posted at 4:22 PM, May 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-12 20:12:33-04

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Byron Robinson, the world-class hurdler from Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, is doing the opposite of what helped him reach the 2016 Olympics. He's not staying in his lane.

"Somebody has to be that person to try and change something," Robinson explained.

Because of the sports standstill caused by the spread of COVID-19, it's been weeks since Robinson, the University of Texas alumnus, has competed in a track & field meet. But even though he cannot run his signature race, the 400 meter hurdles, Robinson is still making strides.

"I spent many, many hours looking into it and trying to come up with a plan that can work with my day to day schedule," Robinson admitted.

Last weekend, the 25 year-old wrote nearly 3,000 words about his decision to launch a non-profit organization called You Sport, We Help. It will use data-driven analysis to inform and educate both athletes and agents - with the goal of maximizing opportunities.

"As long as you learn the template of how to achieve success, like in track and field, you can put it anywhere else in life," Robinson told News 3 Sports Director Adam Winkler via FaceTime. "We have so many resources in front of us, whether we know it or not, you need to recognize what it is you have around you."

As Robinson notes, the average professional track and field career spans less than two and a half years. So he hopes to prepare athletes for life off the track. And, despite Byron being a sprinter, we ask him to cover some distance and reveal his five-year plan for You Sport, We Help.

"That this would pan out to be one of the best, major things across any sport to give the actual athletes skills to go on later and use outside of sport - and I'm talking about actual skills, not just coaching," Robinson said.

During COVID-19, a time when many are at home, avoiding company - Byron Robinson has launched his own company. He may be staying isolated, but he's not staying in his lane.