Victim injured after shooting in Norfolk's NEON District; business owner's store caught in crossfire

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Posted at 8:27 PM, May 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-02 23:16:54-04

NORFOLK, Va. — A Norfolk business owner is speaking out after his establishment was caught in the crossfire of a shooting. Norfolk Police continue to investigate the shooting that happened earlier Monday morning on Granby Street in the NEON district.

The downtown area has a completely new look. Cameras were put up to deter crimeand keep an eye on the crowds, but one business owner tells News 3 a camera captured a shooting that happened right in front of his business.

A wooden board covering up the aftermath of a shooting leaves business owner Omar Jawhar of O.J. Wholesale Inc. frustrated.

"I got a bullet that went through my glass. I'm glad it happened when we're not here at nighttime. It's lodged in the ceiling," said Jawhar.

A forensic investigator said the shooting happened near Starke and Granby Streets after getting reports of gunshots close to 1 a.m.

But just a few feet away lies a camera that Jawhar said caught the shooting that shattered his storefront window.

NF Granby Street O.J. Wholesale Inc. shooting

"I was happy when I saw them, and I thought they would help a lot, but apparently they didn't. When we're here at 9-6, we have no problem whatsoever. Nighttime is apparently the problem," said Jawhar.

It's been less than a week since the cameras have been in the downtown area. A person who did not want to go on camera said he heard multiple gunshots and saw many people scattering.

Just right up the street is Zeke's Beans and Bowls. We spoke with an employee who tells us it's shocking to know that these cameras are not stopping people from committing acts of violence.

Some even pleading to police for other solutions.

"More patrolling; more cameras - whatever there needs to be done to make it safe," said Jawhar.

Police have not released the victim's name at this time, and it’s believed their injuries were non-life-threatening.

The forensics investigator at the scene told News 3 this is an ongoing investigation, and we will continue to update you as we find out more.

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