Severe Weather Awareness Week: Know your tornado safe place

Posted at 7:14 PM, Mar 16, 2021
Tornado Safety W Radar.png

When a tornado threatens, you want to go to the lowest floor of your home. For most of us, that means the ground floor, but if you're like Chief Meteorologist Patrick Rockey and have a basement, that is the first place you should go.

For many others, the safe place is the bathroom and for added protection, the bathtub. A bathroom is a great place because it is usually small, has no windows and is located in the center of a building. The plumbing also adds some structural strength to the room. If you've ever seen a building destroyed by a tornado, what is usually left standing? The tub and the toilet. What you're going to want to do during a tornado warning is get yourself down as low as you can go in your tub. You can also add a mattress or heavy blankets to protect yourself from flying debris.

If a tornado warning is issued and you live on the upper level of an apartment complex, the safest place to be is down on the first level. Make sure you are on the lowest level, then locate the stairwell, crawl underneath, get in your tornado stance and wait for the storm to pass.

Imagine being in your car, driving down the road and you spot a tornado headed your way. You want to get off the road as quickly as possible. Abandon the car, seek shelter if there's a building nearby, or lie in a ditch and cover your head. That would allow any flying debris to pass by with minimal damage. Another thing, there is really no good place to be when you're in your car but there are less dangerous options. Please, do not park on bridges or under underpasses.

Just like at home, it's important to have a plan and a safe place to go when you're at work. Now, every office building is different but here are a few guidelines. If your office has several levels, go to the lowest floor, stay away from windows, find a small, interior room--maybe a break room, closet, hallway or even a restroom. You also want to stay away from big, open spaces like garages or a warehouse.

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