Hampton Roads police preparing for Election Day

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Posted at 8:44 PM, Nov 02, 2020

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - Police in Hampton Roads are getting ready to ensure a safe Election Day.

For Sylvia Rumsey, November 3 is vital.

“It's your civic duty. It's important,” Rumsey said. “We are a democracy, so we each have a vote.”

She has already voted early, and like in years past, she's ready to work the polls in Hampton.

“I really do like to work with the ballots,” she said. “I'm hoping we'll have a great turnout. A tremendous turnout.”

Hampton Police are also gearing up for Tuesday.

“Voting is one of the critical elements of our country's democracy, and we just want to protect that right,” Sgt. Reginald Williams of Hampton Police said. “We're very optimistic that the citizens of Hampton, as well as all Virginians, will vote in peaceful and civil manner as they have in the past."

Officers told News 3 they'll have additional resources in place throughout the city.

“You might see some additional patrol cars in the vicinity of polling locations,” Williams said.

They've also been in communication with election officials, and officers are refreshed on common election laws and voting procedures.

“Certain laws, like possessing a firearm on a polling place,” Williams said. “Most of the polling places that are in Hampton are actually on school grounds, so it would be illegal to open carry on a school ground polling place.”

Rumsey said the support is reassuring.

“I think there's going to be so many more people coming out to vote,” she said.

Newport News Police said they've been working with city officials to assure safe and smooth voting come Tuesday.

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Officers posted to social media Monday, "Voter interference or intimidation at polling places will not be tolerated and officers will respond to any calls as soon as they are reported."

They added you also can expect an increase in officers patrolling the city on Election Day.

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