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Virginia Beach Police beef up security at high school football game after illegal guns found

Posted at 10:36 PM, Sep 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-24 23:27:56-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Virginia Beach Police are standing at the ready, staying vigilant for suspicious activity.

“It just shows that time has changed when I was in high school 'till now,” said parent Bernard Arrington.

Football fans heading into the game at Salem High School felt a sense of relief seeing extra security at the gate.

“You got some kids trying to come out here and have some fun and they’re really trying to make something out of their self, so I think it's good,” said parent Damein Morse.

Police are on heightened alert after officers found nine illegal guns in three cars during a parking lot search during last week’s Salem High game.

The search stemmed from a threat police said that was made against the school about a potential shooting at the game. Investigators found the threat was not credible. Other threats against two Beach high schools this week are being investigated.

The guns taken off school property left parents on edge.

“I was shocked,” Morse said. “I was just glad ain’t nobody got hurt.”

Arrington agreed.

“Nine guns is quite a bit,” he said. “That type of activity shouldn’t be here at the game.”

Salem High ninth grader Curtis Avant, 14, was at last week’s game. Friday night’s increased police presence put him at ease.

“I like it because it keeps us safe now and stuff like that,” Avant said. “What happened last game probably won’t happen again.”

As fans enjoyed the Friday Night Lights, police moved to the parking lot with flashlights in hand as they searched cars for anything illegal.

Arrington’s son was one of the Kempsville football players at Friday’s game. He said he no longer needs to worry about the safety of his kid on the field adding beefing up patrols is necessary.

“It's crazy and it’s sad,” he said. “I come out to have fun, see my son do good, and that’s it. Go home safe.”

Police told News 3 they're not sure on how long they'll have an increased presence at games.