What we know about Codi Bigsby's father after he was arrested on child neglect charges

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Posted at 3:18 PM, Feb 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-04 21:31:23-05

HAMPTON, Va. – News 3 Investigates has been looking into Cory Bigsby’s past after Cory, the father of missing 4-year-old Codi Bigsby, was arrested on seven child neglect charges.

News 3 obtained Cory's arrest warrant, which stated that he left his children, all younger than 6 years old, home alone on multiple instances.

The Army confirmed Wednesday that Cory is an Army veteran who held the rank of Sgt. 1st Class at the end of service in September 2017. Additionally, according to court documents, Cory was previously charged in 2018 with assault and battery involving a family member. The charges were later dismissed.

Court records state that he has family in Norfolk and some college education. Records that identify his financial resources state that he has, “military retirement; disability,” but it states that he does not currently have a place of employment.

News 3 learned that Cory recently bought a house in the city of Hampton on Burns Street in Hampton in January. When our crews went to the home, it appeared to be empty, and there was a package on the doorstep addressed to Cory Bigsby.

Court records that News 3 uncovered state that he has lived on Ranalet Drive for two years, but has lived in the area since 2017.

News 3 obtained a deed of trust document that shows he was borrowing about $188,000 to buy the house on Burns Street. It states that a deed was made on January 4th, 2022 by the Hampton Redevelopment and Housing Authority and Cory Bigsby.

News 3 spoke to a woman who said she worked as a real estate agent for Cory. She said she did not want to be interviewed but told News 3 that she handed information over to the FBI when they contacted her.

According to the real estate agent, Cory was a 'strange' client that did not want to meet up in person and wanted to communicate over text message. She said the one time she did meet up with him for a brief period, there was a little boy with him. She said she believes the child was Codi after seeing his pictures related to the disappearance. She said he was the only child with him at the time of the meeting this past November.

News 3 also uncovered information about issues in Hampton Civil Court where Cory had to go to court after receiving notices of failure to pay rent in 2018 and 2017 at the Cambridge Apartments.

He remains held in jail without bond.

Friday, the Norfolk FBI Field Office issued the following statement on where the Codi Bigsby case stands:

At the request of the Hampton Police Chief, the FBI brought in several resources to support the efforts to find Codi Bigsby, including special agents from the FBI's Peninsula Resident Agency who are working around the clock and side by side with investigators from the Hampton Police Division. The FBI is also providing resources from the Norfolk, Richmond, and Washington field offices, and national assets from FBI Headquarters. We stand with our law enforcement partners and will continue to support their efforts to find Codi. For details about the search and investigation, please contact the Hampton Police Division, they remain the lead investigative agency. We ask anyone who may have information to call 1-800-CALL-FBI.
FBI Norfolk

Below is a timeline of events that have happened leading up to and after Codi's disappearance:

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