Bond denied for man accused in fatal crash that killed two near Greenbrier Mall

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Posted at 3:28 PM, Aug 18, 2021

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – A judge has denied bond for the 23-year-old man charged with two counts of second-degree murder in connection with a crash that happened July 15.

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Police say that Ishmell Seymore sped past a patrol car on I-64 and led officers to Jarman Road and Crossways Boulevard across from Greenbrier Mall. Officers say his car crashed into a truck and a sedan. The incident killed both occupants of that sedan, David Jones and Jennifer O’Connell.

On Wednesday in Chesapeake General District Court, a bond hearing was held. Seymore joined through video conference.

Seymore’s grandmother, aunt, and a family friend spoke on his behalf. They talked about how he has close ties to the community and has a two-year-old daughter.

“He is a good young man. He really is. He’s a good man, a good father,” said Seymore’s aunt Ramona Handy.

After arguments, the judge denied his bond, mostly crediting his history of reckless driving and potential to be a flight risk.

Madeline Moore, a niece of victim Jennifer O’Connell sent the following statement to News 3:

“I am thankful his bond was denied. Nobody should be allowed to be out enjoying life after ending others.” Moore added, “I truly hope Mr. Seymore realizes the pain he has caused people and feels some sort of remorse for what he has done.”

Seymore joined the hearing through video conference from jail. He was visibly disappointed when the judge made her ruling.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for October 20. The judge explained he does have the right to appeal the denial of bond.