Businesses on Granby Street concerned about crime after deadly shooting

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Posted at 9:35 PM, Mar 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-22 12:52:41-04

NORFOLK, Va. - In the aftermath of the deadly shooting on Granby Street, business owners near Granby Street say they are concerned about the crime in the area.

"I think City Council should definitely look deeper into proposing some type of ordinance," Chas Sampson, the Owner of Seven Principles Consulting Group tells News 3's Leondra Head.

Sampson believes more should be done to prevent shootings when there are large crowds.

"Maybe every 500 persons there is 1 police officer or at least some type of presence in the area. I pay taxes here. My business is down the street. I employ people in Norfolk its pretty sad to see young people loose their life," Sampson said.

Many businesses on Granby Street did not want to speak on camera but they tell us they are saddened by the deadly shooting. How will this impact tourism in Downtown Norfolk?

"What I believe is that people will question Norfolk now. It’s going to be up to our community to make people feel safe and comfortable," Kurt Krause, the CEO of Visit Norfolk tells News 3's Leondra Head.

Krause says his prayers are with the families impacted by the deadly shooting.

"I wish I had an answer. Cameras, lights all will help but if someone is in an argument, their anger is going to get to them," Krause said.

One woman who didn’t want to show her face says crime in the area has kept her away from Granby Street.

"I don’t feel safe. I feel like the police should police the area more. I don’t see not one police out here now. So now I’m about to go where I feel safe," the woman said.

The CEO of Visit Norfolk tells News 3, it is up to each individual business here on Granby Street to ramp up security. Krause says he’s been in communication with Chief Boone and the city manager about solutions.

During a virtual meeting with the Downtown Norfolk Civic League on Monday, Chief Boone stated that the shootingwas the result of an argument over a spilled drink.

Boone says Norfolk Police will be stepping up patrols in the Downtown Norfolk area starting this Thursday.