Son-in-law of 82-year-old woman killed in Chesapeake reacts to arrest of woman's adoptive son

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Posted at 10:28 PM, Jul 19, 2021

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - A Chesapeake man accused of shooting and killing his motherhas been arrested in Delaware after police say he was on the run for two days.

Police arrested 20-year old Traivon McNulty during a traffic stop. He’s being charged in the murder of his adoptive mother, 82-year-old Mary McNulty. Police tell News 3 that Traivon is being extradited back to Virginia.

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Traivon McNulty

"I want justice, if that’s by death penalty or what the court system deems appropriate, but of course there’s nothing that’s going to bring my mother-in-law back," said Joe Lymore, Mary McNulty's son-in-law.

Family members tell News 3 that they helped police track down Traivon by looking at his credit card history. They say they noticed him using his credit card at a Target in New York.

"Technology helped out. We got into the banking system and found out he just had a transaction in New York City, and from there we alerted the Chesapeake Police to alert New York detectives. They sent us a picture early this morning to make sure they had the right person."

Lymore was Mary McNulty’s son-in-law for 20 years. Being a part of the family for two decades, he says Mary was like a second mother to him.

"Mary McNulty - my mother-in-law - was really well-respected in the community and in her family. I’m truly going to miss her," he said.

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Joe Lymore

Family members tell News 3 that Traivon and Mary got into a disagreement Saturday morning about Traivon’s monthly rent being late. They say Mary and her husband only charged Traivon $200 a month to live there.

Relatives say their discussion turned deadly. Traivon, accused of shooting and killing Mary, is being charged with homicide and domestic assault.

"We were glad that this part of the process was done, and now we’re just waiting on the next stage of the process - that will be going to trial and hopefully finding him guilty by jury."

Lymore says he and the family are still healing from the tragedy of the family matriarch.

Police tell News 3 that Traivon will be taken to the Chesapeake Correctional Center once he is brought back to Virginia.