Edenton PD tests virtual reality training that de-escalates crisis situations

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Edenton Police
Posted at 9:17 PM, Nov 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-29 23:19:39-05

EDENTON, N.C. - The Edenton Police Department is testing out a new virtual reality system that could help de-escalate situations between officers and civilians.

The virtual reality training takes officers through several courses of different scenarios of deescalation, use-of-force and crisis situations.

Edenton Police Chief Henry King says officers will be more prepared when going out into the field.

"It allows me, the chief, to be able to see how they are responding because we can hear them. If they’re not giving the correct commands, then we can sit down with them and run scenarios back," Chief King said.

Chief King says the virtual reality training gives transparency.

"Let them see what they did in the scenario and have them adjust accordingly," Chief King said.

If the city decides to buy the BolaWrap virtual technology training, it would be the first used on the East Coast by any police department. The training could prevent certain situations, ensuring officers respond correctly in the field.

"We seen so much tragedy in our country dealing with use-of-force that we have to look at options to be able to take people in custody safely so it can be a win-win for the community and police officers," Chief King said.

The company BolaWrap is allowing the Edenton Police Department to use the training until December 27. The virtual reality training would cost the City of Edenton $40,000 to train all 14 of Edenton’s officers.

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