Family of Hampton man shot and killed calls for gun violence to end

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Posted at 10:27 PM, Sep 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-13 02:37:27-04

HAMPTON, Va - Family members of 34-year-old Vondre Hobley of Hampton are mourning his death and calling for an end to gun violence.

Hobley was was shot and killed on the 400 block of Highland Avenue in Hampton when police say a verbal altercation turned violent.

"On September 4th, my brother was murdered on his street. He was shot 4 times and died in route to the hospital. We want to come out here today to do this march and vigil to bring recognition to gun violence in Hampton, Newport News and all over. As well as celebrate my brother's memory." Davetta Hobley said, the sister of Vondre Hobley.

Family members of Hobley say several people were recording the altercation when it turned deadly.

"While everyone stood on the street watching this altercation and recording with their cellphones, not one person tried to help or call the police before it got bad. All of them just stood around watching with their phones like he was George Floyd or something," Linette Hobly said, Vondre Hobley's sister. "No one was intervening. No one called the police even once they saw the gun, no one called authorities until the very last shot when he was laying on the ground then they called authorities."

22-year-old Christian L. Hill of Newport News was taken into custody on September 4 and charged in connection with Vondre Hobley’s murder.

Now Hobley’s family members are calling for the violence to end.

"It's been a lot of gun violence in this area and not only this area but all over. We’re praying that the gun violence will stop," Barbara Mckinney said, the Granmother of Hobley.

Family members of Hobley say the father of three had a smile that would light up any room.

"Vondre was just a naturally happy person. He kept a smile on his face. Even through everything, my brother had a smile on his face. Even in his last moments of life, he was smiling. He had a smile on his face."

"I looked at him today at the funeral home and he looks so happy," Mckinney said.

There is Go Fund Me set up to help pay for Vondre Hobley’s funeral expenses.