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Governor elect Youngkin addresses business community in Hampton Roads

Glenn Youngkin
Posted at 10:25 AM, Dec 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-08 18:08:22-05

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin addressed the business community at the Virginia Beach Convention Center on Wednesday.

Youngkin spoke at an event put together by the Hampton Roads Chamber.

He spoke about his priorities for when he takes office in January.

"We’re going to address the cost of living by lowering taxes. We’re going to make our schools work for our children especially K-12," Youngkin said.

Youngkin, a businessman, spent 25 years at the private equity firm The Carlyle Group before entering politics.

According to his campaign website, Youngkin ran on a platform of "protecting and defending Virginians' Constitutional rights and personal liberties," creating jobs and lowering costs of living in Virginia and reinvigorating the state's economy.

During a September debate, Youngkin also said he supports individual choice when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, saying he "encourages everyone to get the vaccine" but opposes vaccine mandates.

As the transition period continues, this week outgoing Governor Northam proposed a new budget that gives law enforcement and teachers raises, including a 10% raise for teachers over two years.

Youngkin says he supports boosting their pay.

"I'm excited Governor Northam has pretty much gotten on board with this these are not political issues these are bipartisan issues about making Virginia better," Youngkin said at Wednesday's event.

He has also vowed to cut taxes including eliminating Virginia's grocery tax.

When asked if he can accomplish this with all of the tax cuts he's prosing, he responded, "Yeah we can, of course, whats happened last year there was over 2.6 billion of over taxation."

Youngkin is referring to the state's $2.6 billion budget surplus, which means the state brought in more money than it had forecast. This is partially due to people spending more on goods and other items than expected during the pandemic.

Youngkin believes the surplus is a sign taxes can be cut.

"What built in is over taxation so we can reduce taxes and increase funding in these most critical areas," Youngkin stated.

Watching and waiting are law enforcement and teachers. The President of the Virginia Beach Education Association hopes Youngkin will follow through and give them a raise.

Youngkin will take office on January 15, as for now, his transition period continues in Virginia Beach.

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