Gov. Northam proposes additional $277 million towards Virginia’s public HBCU funding

Posted at 12:57 PM, Dec 09, 2021

Governor Ralph Northam has announced a new proposal for an additional $277 million to be added towards funding for Virginia’s public HBCUs.

This proposal would make for an 87% increase in Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Virginia for the entirety of Gov. Northam’s term.

This announcement comes a few months after Vice President Kamala Harris visited one of Hampton Roads’ own HBCUs’, Hampton University, to discuss the national efforts in place to strengthen HBCUs’ around the country.

"Historically, our HBCUs’ have done extraordinary research work, but over the years some of the facilities have experienced the wear and tear,” said Vice President Harris. “We need to invest in our HBCUs’ to have the ability that all universities have the ability to do, which is to upgrade.”

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