Isle of Wight NAACP & Windsor town officials speak after meeting to discuss viral traffic stop

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Posted at 1:03 PM, Apr 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-22 06:22:58-04

ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY, Va. - Isle of Wight NAACP held a press conference Wednesday after meeting with Windsor town officials to discuss the viral traffic incident involving an Army Lieutenant.

A week after calling for the chief of police for the Windsor Police Department to step down, the Isle of Wight NAACP met with town officials to discuss how to move forward.

During the press conference, branch members focused on their call to action. The first step they say is having Police Chief Riddle and Officer Crocker resign.

Windsor town officials spoke after the Windsor NAACP press conference and said, “I think we have a joint goal to make Windsor a better place. There’s lots of work to do to get there.”

When asked about the NAACP saying they didn’t want to have the Police Chief there officials said it wasn't what they were expecting an they had to think through things differently.

Officials said the NAACP brought a lot to the table and it made the meeting productive.

In a video of the traffic stop, which has garnered national attention, Army Lt. Caron Nazario is shown being pepper-sprayed and threatened. The Windsor Police officers involved in the incident were Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker.

Nazario is now suing the officers over the traffic stop, during which the officers drew their guns, pointed them at him and used a slang term to suggest he was facing execution, according to the lawsuit.

Gutierrez was fired as a result of the incident.

In addition to the chief and officer's resignation, the Isle of Wight NAACP is also requesting a copy of the police department's training manual and the hiring of an active African American patrol officer.

The branch's final call is the creation of a citizen's review board of the police department, which they have requested from the Mayor that the creation of the board be voted on by City Council.

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