Man accused of three homicides in Hampton Roads appears in court

Posted at 2:39 PM, Jul 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-21 14:39:45-04

NORFOLK, Va. - Man who isaccused of three homicides in Hampton Roads appeared in court Thursday.

Cola Beale admitted to News 3 that he shot and killed three people very close to him, including his girlfriend.

We were inside the courtroom Thursday, where Beale was only in court for about three minutes.

He appeared in person, not through zoom. His case was continued to a later date because the prosecutors say they are still waiting for an autopsy report.

In a jailhouse interview shortly after he was arrested in March, Beale admitted to shooting and killing his girlfriend and setting her house on fire. He told News 3 that he shot his girlfriend in the head because her parents "kept confronting him about his future plans" with their daughter.

A day later Beale admitted he went to his adopted father's house -- Clifton Baxter. Mad at him for not helping him out financially, Beale says he shot Baxter in the head.

Beale told us his third victim, his cousin downing McLean, was with him for that murder.

He said he shot and killed Downing the next day after they'd gotten into an argument.

Beale described the incident before telling News 3 that he had plans to kill more people.

"I got fed up with him cause he didn't think I was about him – I said man I just killed two people do you think I'm not ready to shoot again...I went right in kitchen shot him in head he didn't drop kept moving so I shot him in back make sure he hit the ground," Beale said. "I was definitely looking for more people but choosing my people wisely."

Cola Beale is expected back in court on September 22 for a preliminary hearing.