Norfolk residents and tourists react to updated CDC mask recommendations

Posted at 10:56 PM, Jul 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-31 23:02:42-04

NORFOLK, Va - The CDC is now recommending that everyone –regardless of vaccination status -- WEAR THEIR MASKS. This comes as the Delta variant continues to spread throughout the country, causing an uptick in reported COVID cases.

“My thought process on it is I’m vaccinated but I still prefer to wear my mask. I want to keep myself safe, step-kids, step-children and grand-kids safe,” Alice Jansen said, a Virginia Beach resident.

Enjoying a Saturday with her grandkids, Jenson says she agrees with the updated mask recommendations.

“I still wear my mask. It doesn’t matter what store I go to with the kids, I still wear my mask,” Jansen said.

But some don’t agree with the constant changes of the CDC mask recommendation.

“I don’t like that. I’m getting comfortable without the mask on. I’m fully vaccinated and I’m still enjoying my time. It is kind of confusing. It’s like you got to make up your mind,” Alvin Cabontde said, a tourist visiting Norfolk.

The Virginia Department of Health and the Governor’s office have both said they’ll review the CDC’s updated guidance, adding getting vaccinated is the only way to end the pandemic.

“If it means wearing a mask indoors then by all means vaccinated or not. We should follow those guidelines,” Kurt Kruse said, the CEO of Visit Norfolk.

With the new recommendation comes concerns from customers dining in.

“I don’t have too many issues with eating inside. Right now is just not the best time. I just prefer to eat outside. Waiters, all of the staff at the restaurant, I would prefer they all have a mask on (because it makes it easier to feel comfortable,” Hannnibel Howell said, a Hampton resident.

Servers and waiters inside the Waterside District have the option to wear a mask.

Saturday evening, the City of Norfolk announced that masks must be worn inside all city buildings, regardless of vaccination status.