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Finding a budgeting app that works for you

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Posted at 12:46 PM, May 31, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-31 20:37:05-04

NORFOLK, Va. - For months, inflation has been making everything more expensive.

Now might be a good time to consider making a monthly budget if you don't already follow one. Forbes ranked some of the best budgeting apps on the market right now.

Topping the list for monitoring daily spending was Intuit Mint. It's free and syncs to a lot of your personal accounts like your credit card, debit card and checking/savings account. According to its website, you can also put your spending into categories and get notifications when you're approaching your limits.

How about for the couples in relationships? Honeydue, which is also a clever play on words, lets couples coordinate their bills, get reminders on payments and create joint accounts.

The app is free and encouraged for people just starting out who are interested in tracking their spending.

People who are more interested in planning for the future rather than tracking the past might want to consider Goodbudget. According to the company's website, "It's based on an envelope budgeting system in which you portion out your monthly income toward specific spending categories."

Unlike some others on the market, you have to manually enter information from your financial accounts.

How each person decides to budget their finances is personal. You'll need to see how involved you want the app to be and how much you're willing to pay.