Residents in Hampton community even more concerned about speeding after hit-and-run

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Posted at 3:34 PM, Mar 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-12 14:26:36-05

HAMPTON, Va. - It happened around midnight on March 2.

"I heard a bump first, then a girl screaming, then a guy called for help," said Vergil Richardson.

What Richardson heard outside his Hampton home last week was 20-year-old Makasia Bailey, the victim of an unsolved hit-and-run, being struck by a car.

"The car was moving fast. She took a hard blow when the car hit her," Richardson said.

While Bailey is critically injured, she's expected to survive. But neighbors are concerned another dangerous incident could soon occur.

"I have always thought the width of road was inviting for people to speed," said Jacque Pope. "It could be a car or a motorcycle, and coming from either direction. You get, like, at least three cars speeding a day."

While we did not have a radar gun, it was obvious on Friday that some drivers were going too fast in the Westview Lakes neighborhood. Westview Drive has a speed limit of only 25 mph.

"We need speed bumps out here," Richardson said.

Hampton Police say from February 11 to February 28, they put out a speed radar trailer on the road after complaints from residents. It's used to alert drivers to slow down.

"A quick look over the last couple of years does not show any actual speed studies that are done here," said City of Hampton spokesperson Mike Holtzclaw. "But if they get some complaints, or if they get some concerns, they would do that."

The City of Hampton says that takes about 90 days; then, they would decide what action to take.

"They generally don't like using speed bumps because speed bumps create other problems once you add them. They can add a couple of stop signs along the way that would slow people down, or they can use electronic signage," said Holtclaw.

No data is actually collected from the speed trailer that was put in the community; it's only a deterrent. Residents can also call 311 here in Hampton to voice their concerns.

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