Ring doorbell captures man accused of shooting at Chesapeake officers leading police on high-speed chase

CH Mike Van-Raam high speed chase Ring doorbell video.PNG
Posted at 10:23 PM, May 24, 2022

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - Neighbors on Columbia Street and South Street shared Ring doorbell footage of 31-year-old Harold Crowder leading police on a high-speed chase on Columbia Street in Portsmouth.

Mike Van-Raam says he rushed outside when he heard all the commotion.

"I was watching TV, and through the glass I saw a truck rush by, then three or four police cars following him. Our Ring [doorbell] video caught pretty much the entire chase," Van-Raam tells News 3 reporter Leondra Head.

Ring doorbell video of Chesapeake chase

Neighbors on Columbia Street say they saw Crowder leading police on a chase into the woods, leaving tire tracks before he crashed. They tell us they saw Crowder running into the woods towards South Street, leading police on a foot chase.

Police say the high-speed chase started on Deep Creek Boulevard in Portsmouth when authorities saw Crowder driving a stolen Toyota Tundra. While fleeing from police, Crowder struck another vehicle in the area of High Street and Airline Boulevard.

"I’m just thankful he didn’t hit my car. Usually I park farther down the driveway. Thankfully, I parked it closer to the house," Van-Raam said.

Van-Raam said he’d heard about the manhunt for Crowder Tuesday morning when police put out a notice for his arrest.

Monday night, police were called to Maori Drive in the Western Branch area of Chesapeake about a suspicious man breaking into cars. Police say when they approached Crowder, he pointed a gun at officers and started shooting.

Police did not fire back, and no injuries were reported.

"The whole thing is crazy to me. I’m just glad he’s caught," Van-Raam said.

Crowder is being charged with a misdemeanor of tampering with a vehicle and a felony charge of discharging a firearm. He is being held at the Chesapeake Correctional Center.