Utility shut-offs re-starting after pandemic pause

How to find energy assistance
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Posted at 2:46 PM, Nov 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-29 18:11:13-05

NORFOLK, Va. – Dominion Energy customers in Hampton Roads should be aware that if they’re more than 60 days behind on their utility payment, their service could be disconnected starting Monday, November 29.

Since March 2020, Dominion Energy stopped any disconnect during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is resuming regular policy.

“Beginning today, customers who are more than 60 days behind on their bill payments will begin to see disconnections of service,” explained Paula Miller, Legislative Affairs and Senior Communications Specialist for Dominion Energy. “But they’ve received multiple notices of today’s disconnect. That was through phone calls, through e-mails, through notices on their bills,” Miller added.

Residents receiving Social Services benefits should not have their utilities turned off if they meet certain criteria. You can call 211 to verify this or to find out more information on Dominion’s Energy Assistance Program. Customers can also sign up for payment plans.

If customers receive Dominion's energy share, utility assistance or receive other aid through state assistance programs, they won't have to worry about disconnects until March, according to Miller.

“Anyone can still call and request time to make payments and they can do that through February of 2022,” stated Miller. “They can actually call in, and no money down, they can make a payment plan and they’ll have up to 24 months to re-pay their back bill.”

With the holidays approaching, Dominion Energy wants you to know that scammers are out there and may try to take advantage of customers over the phone.

Miller says Dominion Energy will never ask you to make an immediate payment or use a gift card. If someone calls and you’re uncertain, you should hang up and call back to Dominion and report it. You can also check the status of your account.

Utility contractors are out in areas of Virginia Beach installing new “smart meters.” Miller says all the work is done outside. If someone comes to your door, they should have identification and literature to verify they are with Dominion.

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Customers can call 211 for energy share assistance information or dial 1-866-366-4357 (1-866-DOM-HELP) or log onto Dominion Energy online.

Anyone wishing to donate to the program to help someone in need can also do so on the Dominion Energy website or find information on their bill.

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