We're Open: Art studio in Surry teaches kids art classes

Creative Works Gallery & Cafe
Posted at 10:43 PM, May 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-08 09:11:52-04

SURRY, Va - One restaurant and art studio in Surry is teaching young kids art classes and serving up delicious soul food. The restaurant opened at the beginning of the pandemic and owners say they are glad they’re surviving during the pandemic.

“We opened May 15th as the pandemic started. People were Leary to come in during a pandemic because it was scary,” Sarah Mayo said, the owner of Creative Works Gallery & Cafe.

Everette and Sarah own a soul food restaurant and art studio in Surry and says it’s been tough managing a business during the pandemic.

“We made sure all our employees got paid even though we didn’t. We volunteered but that’s how it is with new businesses,” Everette Mayo, owner of Creative Works Gallery & Cafe,

Everette manages the art gallery and teaches art classes to young kids once a week, while Sarah manages the restaurant part of the business. One kid says she enjoys coming to the art classes because it gives her a chance to meet new friends while she’s still doing virtual learning.

“It’s been really fun and exciting because I like doing art a lot,” Savanna Lenkerd said.

The owners say they are glad business is picking back up to give them a chance to do more art classes here in the gallery.

“Just in the last several weeks, I think our volume has probably doubled. You can tell that people are getting there vaccinations , they’re getting a lit bit more comfortable because I feel more comfortable.” Sarah said.

The couple says they’re glad their restaurant and art studio is coming out of the pandemic alive.

“I’m an ex-fighter and I use to box, top ten heavyweights in the world and now it feels like we’re at the last round and it’s almost over and we’re winning.” Everette said.

They say they look forward to June 15, when the Governor plans to lift gathering and social distancing restrictions if COVID-19 cases continue to go down.

“That day is the day we’ve been looking forward to in this business especially being new business owners,” Sarah said.