“Suited Movement” marchers call for justice in deadly Oceanfront shootings

Suited Movement march
Posted at 9:45 PM, Apr 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-18 09:33:14-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – The cries for justice grew louder as the group made its way down Atlantic Avenue Saturday.

Chanting “No justice, no peace,” and “Black lives matter,” the Suited Movement marched along the very streets shattered by gunfire three weeks ago.

The back-to-back shootings at the Oceanfront on March 26 claimed the lives of Donovon Lynch and Deshayla Harris.

“We’re really here to try to make change,” said Suited Movement 757 President Corian Shaw. “We’re trying to fight to make a change especially with the way things going right now with the police officers as far as handling certain situations. Some things, I feel like shouldn’t have to happen.”

Lynch was shot and killed by a Virginia Beach officer. Initial reports from police said he was brandishing a gun, but police later said there was no evidence linking Lynch to a gun found near the scene.

Saturday, marchers honored his life the same day a family friend said he would have turned 26.

“Donovon Lynch was a good man,” said Gary McCollum, a family friend, and minister at Virginia Beach Interdenominational Ministers Conference “Donovon Lynch owned three businesses. A good man, mentored, coached, and this is his birthday today.”

Police said Harris was an innocent bystander that night. The 28-year old was shot and killed by a stray bullet. There are no suspects in her case.

The group is calling for justice and police accountability.

“We want better police training, better laws for police if they do shoot anybody, Black, white, it doesn’t matter,” said Suited Movement 757 Vice President Shelby Gatewood Jr.

Shawntrell Paige, the group’s marketing director agreed.

“We don’t want to see another innocent Black man, woman or any child just shot by the police,” he said.

The group is demanding answers as to why the officer’s body camera was not on when he shot Lynch and why his body was moved afterward.

The city said first responders moved Lynch to render aid but it was too late.

Many are now speaking out as two families grapple with the loss of their loved ones.

“We can’t be silent about that,” McCollum said. “There are just too many unanswered questions. We need the truth.”

State Police are now investigating the shootings, but the Suited Movement and others are calling for a federal investigation as to what happened that night.