Community members pay respect to Andrew Brown Jr.

Andrew Brown Jr. Rally
Posted at 10:03 PM, May 02, 2021

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. - Protesters and mourners all calling for justice and transparency, just a day before Andrew Brown Jr's homegoing service. Members of the community came out to show their respect for Andrew Brown and his family at his viewing. One lady who knows Brown’s family says Andrew was laying peacefully.

“He looks so beautiful. He looks so calm. He looks so professional, so handsome. We went in there. It was more like a mix of emotions. Because of the fact that he was a young man and he’s no longer here with us.” Linda Miller, an Elizabeth City resident who attended Andrew Brown’s viewing, said.

At a rally outside of the public safety building, protesters gathered peacefully.

“Today was a peaceful rally as it’s always been peaceful,” Kenny Lister said, an Elizabeth resident who knew Andrew Brown Jr.

Kenny Lister says it’s unfortunate what happened to Brown and hopes justice will be served.

“I did know him Andrew Brown. I didn’t have the pleasure of hanging with him on the regular but I knew him and his family. He was a great father, a great father, a great family and he did what he needed to do to provide for his family.”

Lister says there were mixed emotions at the rally.

“You can sense a lot of love, anger, frustration. Some people have been out here every day. They’re tired but they want to keep fighting the good fight.”

Rasheed Ali also attended the rally and drove all the way from Orangeburg, South Carolina to call for justice.

He says he was arrested Saturday night.

“They arrested me for impeding traffic. Highway patrol arrested me.”

Ali says he spent three hours in jail and got out in the early morning hours.

“I was so disgusted That was very unpleasant.”

Andrew Brown’s homegoing services will be held on Monday in a private ceremony.

Protesters I spoke with today say they plan to remain peaceful throughout Monday, as they continue to call for justice and transparency.