Health leaders in Williamsburg take further steps to ensure children are getting the right dosage after mix-up in Northern Virginia

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Posted at 6:26 PM, Nov 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-11 18:40:44-05

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - Now that kids ages 5-11 are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, there's another concern popping up. Health officials said a pharmacy in Loudoun County gave the wrong vaccine dosage to more than 100 children.

This is just one more thing local parents are concerned about. News 3 sat down with a pharmacy tech to discuss how they're making sure local kids get the right dose.

Adam Brown, project manager/vaccine coordinator with Williamsburg Drug Company, said, "The instruction for recipients and caregivers when you go through the list are very specific, so the mixing is very specific; the dosing is very specific."

Health leaders said it's important to triple check your dose before you administer the shot.

"It is color-coded, separate from the regular Pfizer doses that we have that are purple-caped, and they will be kept separate on this shelf away from all other vaccines to make sure that there is no mistake," said Brown.

Although the Williamsburg Drug Company is administering shots for those 12 and up, they have not started giving shots for the 5-11 age group. But they still want to build that trust now with parents when they start.

"What I like to do is show them what I have and I bring [it]. I'll bring them the vile of Pfizer that I drew it from, and I'll show them exactly the dose that it is, that I'm supposed to be administering, and I'll give them a visual: 'This is exactly what I'm giving you. I'm not going to make the mistake,'" said Brown.

More than 35,000 kids ages 5-11 have gotten their first dose, according to the Virginia Department of Health, and health leaders at theWilliamsburg Drug Company are working closely beside them.

"We're actually working with them to set up what is called precision clinics, where we'll be going to various little vaccinated areas they've identified. So, they'll tell us where to go and we'll be out there, just there if people want to get the vaccines and waiting to give as many vaccines as we can," said Brown.

Brown said some parents are looking forward to getting their children vaccinated.

"We've had a lot of phone calls, a lot of questions as to when we're going to be starting, so we've been working as fast as we can with the Williamsburg-James City County and York County school system to get the vaccines available to the students at the schools themselves," said Brown.

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Health leaders tell News 3 they're big on transparency when administering the COVID-19 shots to any age group. Pharmacists also encourage parents who have any second thoughts to contact your local pharmacist or child's doctor to get your questions answered.

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