Watch: Andrew Brown Jr. attorneys say he suffered 'kill shot to the back of the head'

Attorneys at Tuesday's press conference
North Carolina Deputy Shooting
Posted at 9:11 AM, Apr 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-27 20:58:21-04

ELIZABETH CITY, N.C. - A press conference with Andrew Brown's family and attorneys happened Tuesday morning.

Attorneys said Brown suffered a "kill shot to the back of the head." This information came from an independent autopsy that they had done.

Additionally, they said the report showed five bullet wounds total that penetrated Brown's body.

One attorney said, "We now know this in fact was the fatal wound to the back of his head as he was leaving the site trying to evade being shot at by law enforcement."

They said the independent autopsy showed four shots hit his right arm and said the fatal shot to the head went through Brown's skull and was lodged into his brain.

Brown's son, Khalil Ferebee, said, "Yesterday I said he was executed; that was correct. It was obvious he was trying to get away."

Click here to read the entire autopsy report from civil rights attorney Ben Crump's office.

The report stated that two of Brown's wounds on his right arm were graze wounds and two entered his arm. Those were from intermediate range, the report said.

As for the gunshot wound to Brown's head, the report said the shot was from intermediate range, caused skull fractures and never exited his head.

Brown family attorney autopsy report
Autopsy report images

After the autopsy was released, Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten issued the following statement:

“I want answers about what happened as much as the public does. The private autopsy released by the family is important and I continue to pray for them during this difficult time. However, a private autopsy is just one piece of the puzzle. The independent investigation being performed by the SBI is crucial and the interviews, forensics, and other evidence they gather will help ensure that justice is accomplished.”
Pasquotank County Sheriff Tommy Wooten

Monday, Brown's family and their attorneys were able to view 20 seconds of the body cam video, and family members said it was an execution. Crump said they do not feel like they got transparency. He said they only saw part of the video and claimed that officials wanted to have two of Brown's family members with no legal counsel present at first.

Monday evening, Sheriff Wooten and Chief Deputy Daniel Fogg released another video statement. They said the sheriff's office will comply with the judge's orders after the county attorney filed a motion with the court to release the body camera video; however, they added that the sheriff's office doesn't have the ability to release the footage and said anyone who thinks they do doesn't "know North Carolina law or they are purposefully trying to inflame a tragic situation."

Tuesday afternoon, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, tweeted the following statement:

"My heart goes out to Andrew Brown Jr.’s family, who watched what must have been agonizing video footage yesterday. This is a tragedy. We all want transparency & to see a fair & just resolution. The SBI is currently conducting an independent investigation.

I am confident that the SBI's work will be thorough. A number of people have asked me to take over this prosecution. I want to clarify that under North Carolina law, the District Attorney, not the Attorney General, controls the prosecution of criminal cases.

For my office to play a role in the prosecution, the District Attorney must request our assistance. My office has reached out to District Attorney Andrew Womble to offer that assistance, which he has acknowledged."

Elizabeth City declared a state of emergency ahead of deputies releasing body camera footage of Brown's death due to the potential for "civil unrest," but protests have remained peaceful for six days. The state of emergency will remain in effect until canceled.

An 8 p.m. curfew has been set for Tuesday night, according to councilman Gabriel Adkins. Exceptions include travel to and from employment. The curfew will be lifted at 6 a.m.

In an amendment to the curfew announced later Tuesday, Pasquotank County officials said anyone on a public street or public property during those hours is subject to citation and/or arrest. They also expanded who is exempt from the curfew, including:

  • People traveling to or from assisting with the care of a relative
  • People traveling to or from seeking needed medical care at a medical facility
  • People fleeing dangerous circumstances and seeking haven
  • Emergency personnel and first responders carrying out official duties.

The amendment will remain in effect until it is modified or rescinded.