Reality star's family holds protest, petitions for FBI investigation into deadly Oceanfront shooting

Deshayla Harris mother
Deshayla Harris
Posted at 1:31 PM, Dec 01, 2021
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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Months after the fatal shooting of a woman at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, her family is still searching for answers, justice and closure.

Extreme violence unfolded at the Oceanfront on March 26 when reality television star Deshayla Harris was struck and killed by a stray bullet.

Several months later, the pain and hurt are still fresh. Deshayla Harris’ mother Elsheba Harris is still haunted by that night.

“I am a total different person,” said Elsheba Harris. “I don’t think same. I don’t feel same. It’s just so hard and you don’t understand until you’re walking in our shoes.”

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There are still no answers about who killed Deshayla.

Several other people were injured and four men were arrested, but no one is facing charges for her death.

“No one understands and sees our pain and hurt,” Elsheba Harris said.All we want is justice for our children. That’s it. Justice.”

Deshayla's family held a press conference Wednesday to call for answers and justice. She's also calling on the FBI to investigate the shootings that happened at the Oceanfront on March 26.

Deshayla was a local woman-turned-reality star and appeared on Season 17 of "The Bad Girls Club." Her urn is decorated with a tiara on top.

A family spokesperson spoke with News 3 and expressed frustration over what he called a lack of transparency. He said the family wants to know who shot Deshayla.

Elsheba Harris stood in support of Donovon Lynch’s family Wednesday. The two families were brought together by grief.

Donovon Lynch was killed that same night.

“My son was murdered. My son laid out on that street all night,” said Donovon’s father Wayne Lynch.

Pharrell Williams' cousin, Donovon Lynch, was shot and killed by police at the Oceanfront. On Tuesday, officials held a press conference to provide updates on the fatal officer-involved shooting. The officer who shot and killed Lynch will not face charges after a special grand jury report found no probable cause to charge the officer.

Lynch's family held a press conference Wednesday afternoon calling for a federal investigation into the shooting.

“I gave you a chance to get it right,” Wayne Lynch said. “The case is not over. It’s continuing. We don’t have all the answers.”

Harris meantime said it’s been months since police have given her an update in her daughter’s case. She said police told her from the start there was no video footage showing what led to Deshayla’s death.

“I do feel neglected; I feel disrespected,” she said.

Tuesday, investigators said three bullets were fired from Simmons’ gun ultimately killing Donovon. Two of those bullets were accounted for. Harris is asking where that third bullet went suggesting the possibility of it hitting her daughter.

“I want justice,” Harris said. “I want accountability. Someone did it. It was three bullets. They said three bullets. Two was accounted for, so where’s the other one at? Where’s the other one? I know it was a mistake. I know it was a mistake, but I can’t live this way knowing that no one is being is accounted for it.”