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Youngkin flips Chesapeake and Virginia Beach on path to winning governor's mansion

Glenn Youngkin
Posted at 3:54 PM, Nov 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 18:15:56-04

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Glenn Youngkin flipped Chesapeake and Virginia Beach from blue to red to help him win the governor's mansion.

Youngkin's win is the first statewide win for Republicans since 2009. In the last governor's race in 2017, Democrat Ralph Northam carried both Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. Joe Biden also carried both in 2020, but Youngkin safely won both in this election.

"I think we're coming full circle. The people of the Commonwealth of Virginia tend to, over the years, vote right-of-center, and I think we're righting this boat once again," said Bill Curtis, the chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia Beach.

Youngkinheld a 2,000-person rally at the Oceanfront on Monday, which supporters say showed he had a lot of support here. They say he appeals to strong Republicans and Independents.

"Glenn was very adept at being attractive to a broad cross section of Republicans, no matter where they are on the spectrum," said Rich Anderson, Republican Party of Virginia chairman.

Youngkin keyed in on parent involvement at school as a major campaign issue.It was a hot topic in both Virginia Beach and Chesapeake this summer and fall. It's also likely one that will be brought up in future elections.

Former Gov. Jim Gilmore says Youngkin's win shows how other Republicans can also win.

"I think it speaks to the suburbs will vote for you if you speak to their concerns. I think what we've seen right now is the education issue has become predominant. Parents want to be involved in their kids' education," Gilmore said.

As for Democrats, they're left to regroup as it appears they will lose all three statewide offices and control of the House of Delegates.

News 3 spoke with Del. Kelly Fowler (D-Virginia Beach) on Tuesday night as the results were coming in about the path forward.

"I think I'll support policies that support my district. Whoever is in office, I will work with them, especially on education. We need to get back to our public system being key and pillars in our community," she said.

Youngkin will be sworn in as Virginia's 74th governor in January. Current Gov. Ralph Northam says he will meet with Youngkin on Thursday to begin the transition.

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