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Mother still fighting for answers 1 year after losing her son in Suffolk hit-and-run

"Please have some compassion, have some understanding for me and his family to give us that peace. Come forward."
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Posted at 6:56 AM, Mar 25, 2024

SUFFOLK, Va. — A mother is pleading for help in finding the driver who hit and killed her son in Suffolk.

News 3's Kelsey Jones was the first to share the family's heartbreak last year. Now, a year later, Kelsey is following through on her reporting to help the mother get justice.

"To know that your child's life was taken and the people that caused it haven't come forward, that's the most painful thing about it," said Karen McCall.

McCall says she's felt that pain for more than a year now.

"People continuously tell me, 'Karen, you have to heal.' I don't know how to heal," said McCall.


McCall's 30-year-old son, Kendrick Jackson, lost his life near Godwin Boulevard in February of 2023, according to Suffolk police.

Police say they found him dead and alone in the road. They believe two cars hit his body and took off.

But how did he end up there? When Kelsey first spoke with McCall after her son died last year, McCall said her son was on the way home after attending a Super Bowl party. McCall says he was the passenger in a vehicle and her son's friend was driving.

"The gentleman that Kendrick was in the car with said that my son was hot and he wasn't feeling good. So, he said as he was turning, Kendrick fell out of the car. My question was, why was he not in a seat belt? How did the door get open and you're moving." McCall questioned.

Kelsey has been trying to get answers from Suffolk police about the mother's questions. They declined to speak with her about the investigation right now. They previously told us the driver in the car with Jackson has not been charged.

Police say a rural area like Godwin Boulevard doesn't have many surveillance cameras, making it tough to find the drivers responsible.



Mother searching for answers after son killed in Suffolk hit-and-run

Kelsey Jones
8:03 PM, Mar 19, 2023

McCall hoped police would have found whoever is responsible for taking her son's life by now. A year later, all she has to go on is this information police shared after his hit-and-run death:

"The police have named a blue Highlander and a white Dodge Ram," said McCall. "Why haven't we found them?"

McCall lives in Alabama and says she doesn't come to Virginia often since her son's death. She's hoping the message she's sharing with News 3 reaches the person(s) responsible for her son's death.

"Please have some compassion. Have some understanding for me and [my son's] family to give us that peace. It will give us some comfort. Come forward," McCall asks.

McCall passed out flyers (pictured below) the last time she came into town, hoping someone could give her any information about her son's death. A $1,000 reward still stands for any information leading to an arrest.